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Play Music on The Porch Day started out as an idea…

"What if for one day everything stopped…and we all just listened to the music?"

Even though this seems like a simple idea, if it worked, it could produce profound results.

So in 2013 we decided to share this idea with the world and to our surprise, the idea spread even faster than we could have ever imagined.
In 2018 thousands of musicians from at least 70 countries and over 700 cities participated and the movement continues to grow every day.
Musicians from across the globe, regardless of their differences, are finding common ground through music.

Play Music On The Porch Day knows that music is powerful and universal. It doesn't matter if you play an Oud, a Guitarrón, a Nyckelharpa, or a Guitar. When you pick up your instrument and start to play the world disappears and you get lost in the sounds.

Music goes beyond words. It can transcend the most difficult barriers. It ties us together like a thread through our hearts. Our skin is many colors but music is in our blood, our bones and our soul.
Join us on August 28, 2021 as we share our talents, our passions, and our music. Together let us show the world the power that music holds.

Official Play Music on the Porch Day Story Book by Brian Mallman!

Participation is easy! Just go outside and play music. Participate alone or invite your friends to gather on the porch or your favorite place to play. Share a video on your social media platform and add #playmusicontheporchday.

In order for us to share your video on our pages, videos must be free of offensive language or sexually explicit content. Play Music On The Porch Day maintains a " Family Friendly" environment and upholds equality to all. We ask that our participants maintain harmony and respect for others in their music and in their interaction with other participants.

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Brian Mallman is a Milwaukee born, Los Angeles based artist.
To learn more about Brian's previous projects check out his Tedx Talk video below.

To read his interview with Tone Mob about Play Music On The Porch Day click here.
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